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Blog Setup 2024

Published: at 03:33 PM

A semi-deep dive into the newly deployed

It’s time for the regularly scheduled blog updates.

Yesterday (metaphorically speaking)

The prior setup was using Hugo and deployed to either Netlify, Cloudflare Pages or my own box. This was great, but after thinking through the Small Web ™️ movement some more I thought it made more sense to move to something in-house.


The site now uses Astro and deploys right to my server. For deploying, it’s a two-step process. All commits on main on GitHub are checked. After everything checks out, I can trigger a release in GitHub to deploy to my server.

Here’s part of one workflow:

name: Check pushes
      - main

Here’s the other:

name: Deploy
    types: [published]

DNS Sidenote

I’ve also switched to using Desec for my DNS hosting, it fits my needs nicely, is free, and enforces DNSSEC.

Hopefully the first of multiple blog posts to come.