A Change to Travis

So immediately after getting out that post earlier, I then found a slightly better way of doing everything so that my .travis.yml is clean and neat. With this new method, thanks to Maxime Kjaer 1, I’ve not only got the scripts split out from my .travis.yml, I...

Porting to Jekyll 3.0 & Octopress 3.0

For those of you who are frequent readers to my site (so very few of you), may notice the new look and feel. The process of porting this over to 3.0 was actually not as bad as i thought it was going to be.

The process mainly consisted of just...

Tubster Syntax - Atom

I’ve made another thing, specifically designed for Atom. Special care was taken with Markdown, as that was not very good in the ported version.


Special thanks to whoever actually created it in the first place.

Get it from apm install tubster-syntax or here.

Yet Another Octopress2.0 + TravisCI Guide

So there’s only about 30 50 thousand pages on this general topic, but I found that about half of them were out of date, so I figured I should try and collect all the info into one big post. I’ve referenced where I’ve found some of the stuff that’s harder...