pa11y – a Work in Progress Atom Theme

pa11y is a work in progress Atom theme, using the a11y colors from clrs.

Watch my progress at plttn/pa11y.

Thoughts on Tay – a Postmortem

So, it’s been two days since the launch of Microsoft’s Tay, and it’s been a day since its inevitable shutdown. What can we really learn from her turning into an interesting character in just a day of learning?

My Thoughts on the Concept

Considering how well it was able...

LSI on Travis

After figuring out related posts were a thing in Jekyll, I wanted something better than it just printing out the most recent posts. I set up LSI in my build script:

bundle exec jekyll build --lsi 

But I wanted the performance offered by GSL, so after some digging,...

Pubster for Atom

While I may have posted about Tubster for Atom previously, I consider Pubster to effectively be a brand new theme in terms of its relation to Tubster. With brand new support for language-markdown, which is my opinion is a better language package than the stock GFM language. language-markdown for...